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Few things are more important in life than an understanding of God’s Word. In the pages of the Bible, we come to know God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The CSB Baker Illustrated Study Bible is designed to both satisfy your hunger and increase your appetite for God’s Word. By pairing the highly reliable, highly readable CSB text with extensive notes, illustrations, maps, and articles from leading evangelical scholars, this full-color study Bible will help you understand the Scriptures and the world in which they were written as never before.


Available in hardcover and LeatherTouch formats.


$49.99 • ISBN 978-0-8010-1700-1

Brown, Diamond Design LeatherTouch
$69.99 • ISBN 978-0-8010-7617-6

Navy, Diamond Design LeatherTouch
$69.99 • ISBN 978-0-8010-7778-4



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The CSB Baker Illustrated Study Bible is a fully illustrated, information-packed study Bible featuring the clear and accurate CSB translation. Its robust study features include contributions from more than two hundred evangelical Christian scholars who are experts in their fields. In all, this Bible includes more than one million words of study notes to help you understand and apply the life-changing message of God’s Word.


About the CSB Translation

The Bible is meant to be read, understood, and shared. So your translation of God’s Word should be true to the original and one you like to read.

Developed by 100 scholars from 17 denominations, the Christian Standard Bible faithfully and accurately captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising readability. The CSB is a trustworthy text for both sermon preparation and serious study, translated straight from the biblical languages by scholars who love God’s Word.

But the true measure of a Bible translation is not only excellent scholarship. For a Bible translation to be trustworthy in modern English, it must faithfully communicate the authority and urgency understood by its original audience. Because the CSB is an original translation—not constrained by the structures of an earlier English Bible version—it expresses the meaning and beauty of the ancient texts with great clarity and emotional resonance. Pastors and laypeople can share God’s Word with confidence, knowing its truth will be communicated effectively.


Praise for the CSB

“I like to use the Christian Standard Bible because it’s a translation that’s faithful to the Bible’s original manuscripts, with oversight by some trusted partners in ministry. While it’s highly literal to the original text, it’s also remarkably clear for Bible readers today.”

Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY



“I’m passionate about teaching the Bible, especially to women, because I’ve seen in my own life how God’s Word touches and transforms the heart. I’m using and recommending the Christian Standard Bible because I find the translation trustworthy, while also accessible.”

Kelly Minter, Bible teacher, author, and musician

“This translation will help believers and nonbelievers around the world to be able to read, understand, memorize, obey, and proclaim God’s Word.”

David Platt, president, International Mission Board


“The Christian Standard Bible provides a clear, trustworthy translation of the Holy Scriptures in a style that the reader can clearly hear the voice of God in print speaking to their soul.”

Tony Evans, senior pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX


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